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the road that i've travelled is all that i know paved with each piece of my soul
and it's taken me far, but left you behind and i'm longing to see you again
What is wrong with me? 
24th-Sep-2009 11:58 pm
misc ♥ cat's eye
Alright. So, I actually just lost two of my closest friends. As in I suddenly decided to break up contact. I don't even know what triggered this decision, but I suddenly felt that it was something that had to be done and I still feel that way. I don't even feel sad. Or angry. Or disappointed. Or anything. Actually, I feel glad that it's over. Like that's been something I've tried to do for so long and finally managed to do it. I don't know. It just feels right to me and that's what's bugging me the most. I mean, you can't just break up contact with your closest friends and not feel sad about it, right? Am I a bad person for not feeling bad? I just feel like I have to live my life without them. Like they were standing in my way for far too long, instead of helping me to move forward.

What the fuck is wrong with me?! ô_O

(So sorry my first post is a pointless rant, but I just had to write these thoughts down. Will make a real post soon, explaining why I haven't posted in so long and everything.)
25th-Sep-2009 01:16 am (UTC)
Sometimes you just realize that you (or your friends) changed so much that you cant honestly say you like your friends. You just gotta go with the flow, if you dont like someone anymore theres no reason to continue contact.
28th-Sep-2009 12:25 pm (UTC)
I don't think anything is "wrong" with you. Judging by the way you're feeling (relief), perhaps they weren't good friends to you. You're just feeling guilty (which you should NOT) because you're comparing your feelings with people that have a stereotypical good friendship.

I wouldn't fret about it. If it's something you've been meaning to do because of a serious issue between you and these friends, then you did the right thing.
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